In memory of our beloved tricolor collie Karavel Magic by Merlin (Merlin)

10.17.99 – 12.1.06

(The way of our furry friends)


Love is the greatest gift. It brings warm light to the cold darkness

and offers hope where before there was none.

Love changes lives. Even though it has no logical reason to be,

love persists after all else
has faded.


Love is lighter than the smallest snowflake and stronger

than the mightiest army. With love, the impossible becomes real.


What is built and nurtured with love can withstand any challenge.

Love understands, enables, protects and inspires.


The more love you give away, the more you will have.

In love is the power of patience and the freedom of forgiveness.


Choose to offer the greatest, most meaningful and lasting gift you can give.

With every word, with every thought, with every gesture,

with every interaction, give love.


                                  by Ralph Marston

Baby Merlin 4 weeks

"Mama Libby's" update to us

4 months-boating in Everglades City

 3 month old terror

 Kiss kiss Aunt Gisela.
Thanks for coming to visit me.

 Going flying in N246WF – My 4 month-old co-pilot!

 Boating with Uncle Ralph, Gisela, Patti & Phil in EC

This is MY bone!

Getting yummies from Uncle Ralph

 Annual Christmas portrait with dear friend Carl – Dec. 2005

 How in the world does this piano play all by itself?

Merlin loving his bath!

 Happy to see Uncle Chris

Merlin, Chris, Randy & Denny July 2003

Another Christmas with Carl

A happy Christmas - Merlin, Dick & me

 Visiting Miss Jess in Sebring, FL

Chasing birds in Everglades City

 Merlin & Aunt Debra – Visiting us from Suffolk, VA Oct 2005

 Thanksgiviing picnic on Sanibel -2003 with Mother

 Trying on Dick's golf medal - yeaa!

I stood beside your bed last night, I came to have a peep.

I saw that you were were sad and couldn't sleep.


I whined to you so softly as you brushed away a tear.

"It's me, I haven't left you...I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."


I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour your tea.

You were thinking of the many times, your hand reached down to me.


I was with you at the shops today, your arms were getting sore.

I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more.


I was with you at my grave today, you tend it with such care.

I want to reassure you that I'm really HERE, not there.


We walked together toward the house, you fumbled for your key,

I gently put my paw on you. I smiled and said, "It's me."


You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair.

I tried so hard to let you know that I was standing there.


You need to know I'm here with you- so near you every day.

To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."


You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew...

In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.


Now the day is over...I smile to see you yawning

I say to you, "Goodnight, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."


And when the time is right for you to cross that brief divide,

I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand there side-by-side.


I've so many things to show you, so much for you to see.

Be patient, live your journey out...then come to be with me.


Author Unknown

  Peace and love to you, dear friend. We miss you terribly.


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